Less than a week after the Capitol Hill riots, the House of Representatives is urgently preparing to consider dismissing Trump for a second time in 13 months.

As of Jan. 13, Democrats could advance a clause to consider dismissing President Donald Trump for "inciting riot" on Capitol Hill, leaving at least 5 dead and dozens injured, according to


Protesters support Trump trying to break the protective barrier of the police in front of the US parliament building on January 6 Photo: AP.

"With such behavior, Donald Trump has shown that he poses threats to national security, democracy and the Constitution if he remains in office, and has acted in a manner inconsistent with

More than 200 Democratic congressmen, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, quickly embarked on a plan to force Trump to step down or push for Trump's removal.

Biden has the same concerns, according to three of his advisers.

"I think he sees clearly that the dismissal review won't yield any big results, because the Senate won't pass," said former Connecticut senator Chris Dodd, a longtime Biden adviser.

Dodd thinks the attempt to consider dismissal at this point has only led Republicans to mount to protect Trump and keep people from focusing on Biden's new administration.

A Biden adviser said it was "not surprising" that Biden let Congress decide for himself to consider dismissing Trump.

"This is a conflicting decision for the Democrats and for all of us," said Moe Vela, Biden's senior adviser as vice president.

Democrats understand that Biden may suffer some political impact from their decisions.

Before opting to consider removing Trump from office, Democrats tried to force Trump to resign through pushing for the 25th Amendment. This would mean a consensus from Vice President Mike Pence, but

Experts on both parties argue that Democrats can build a solid legal base to consider dismissing Trump.


President Donald Trump at a campaign event in Prescott, Arizona in October 2020 Photo: AP.

Consideration of dismissal will be passed in the Senate if there are 67 votes in favor, meaning at least 17 Republican senators need to vote in favor of the Democratic effort.

However, Democratic leaders say they will push this effort to the end.

Observers say that the attempt to consider a recall of Trump could make it difficult for Trump's future political prospects.

Paul S. Ryan, top attorney for the custodial organization Common Cause, said that a dismissal review would have no effect on the amount of money he raised, nor his ability to continue to raise funds for a

"He has a lot of options and he has his infrastructure ready," said Larry Noble, the former general counsel of the Federal Election Commission.

In addition to the campaign committee, Trump also has a means of support, the political action committee Save America, which can help fund expenses, travel, staff, as well as support applicants.

Many experts say that without being a candidate, Trump can freely launch other fundraising machines with fewer legal hurdles than his current committees.

Although the permanent suspension of Trump's Twitter account resulted in the loss of 88.7 million followers, Ryan said Trump and his campaign committee still have "a huge fortune from the email list.

According to CNN statistics, the Trump campaign sent 606 fundraising emails between 11pm on the night of election 3/11 to the afternoon of January 6, just before Capitol Hill was besieged.

Jason Miller, Trump's campaign adviser, says the President continues to be a major fundraiser and "the biggest name in the Republican political foundation", with plans to launch millions of dollars to help him.