Ukrainian army soldiers are excited with the Himars missile system supported by the beauty salon, believing they will make a breakthrough on the battlefield.

An M142 (Himars) high mobile jet artillery complex, Ukraine's leading weapon, rushed along the sunflower field in the eastern part of the country, before stopping between trees.


Photo: Washington Post.

This is one of the four Himars systems that Ukraine received last month from the US, in the military aid package worth 700 million USD.

We actually have lowered 6 goals, the Himars system command officers with the Kuzya secret, said.

A Ukrainian soldier on the Himars jet system in the eastern region of this country.

Ukraine is quickly putting Himars complexes into operation, when Russian artillery is showing overwhelming advantages on the Donbass battlefield.

According to Ukrainian officials, the new Western aid weapon is creating an important breakthrough on the battlefield, demonstrating the importance of Kiev continued to receive aid and the painful price that Ukraine must pay if it is paid if

Western military experts believe that continuous raids with Caesar self -propelled artillery that France aid to Ukraine forces in Odessa forced the Russian troops to withdraw from the snake island, an important outpost in the Black Sea.

The Russian Defense Ministry, while the notice of withdrawal from the Snake Island (also known as Zmiinyi Island) off the Black Sea after completing the task, and called this a goodwill gesture to create conditions for Ukraine to export.

With a range of more than 80 km, Himars is the most advanced weapon, with the longest range in the current Ukrainian army.

The Biden government promised to send Ukraine 4 more Himars complexes as part of the US $ 450 million supplement published last week.


Photo: Washington Post.

The previous weapons made us much more interviewed, Himars brought a more peaceful feeling, Moroz, a member of the 4 -person Gunners of Ukraine, said.

With the older jet artillery, they must avoid rocket through the residential area, but only raid targets in the fields or forests, in order to limit the risk of casualties for civilians, Moroz said.

Now, I no longer have to worry about anything when targeting, Moroz said.

The system that Moroz's team used was previously the Uragan series from the Soviet period, with a maximum range of about 32 km.

The soldiers said Himars were led by satellite and only deviated from the maximum target coordinates 0.9 m.

Ukrainian soldiers controlled Himars to ask not to disclose their real names, but only to use the name.

Ukrainian soldiers in the cockpit carrying the Himars launch pad in a secret position in the East of the country.

The launcher contains 6 rocket and is attached to the dark blue truck.

Two minutes later, they must be willing to move and the speed is a mandatory requirement to keep Himars safe, because the Russian military can quickly determine the fire and fire.


Photo: Washington Post

Himars's mobility is very impressive, the soldiers said.

We were surprised that a high precision weapon could shoot so gently, Kuzya said.

His unit has been eagerly waiting for Himars in the past month.

The computer system uses entirely English, so when training, translators must explain the meaning of each button and all the information is in a manual that Ukrainian soldiers often have to refer to.

Kuzya said it would be great if Ukraine had 50 Himars complexes to be able to deploy 4 pieces in each direction of the large front, stretching almost the entire eastern border with Russia.

War in Ukraine after more than 4 months of fighting.

Sputnik, commander of the unit, desired the US to transfer more Himars sooner, before the Russian forces continued to move now and completely controlled Lugansk province in the East.

They took too much time to bring Himars here, he said.