The American Parliament Building began to review the mask and certification of vaccinations, after some employees were positive for NCOV.

The return of Covid-19 broke the new sense of peace set up in Capitol hills after the riot early year.


Photo: Roll Call.

This is a nightmare, Democratic Senator Jamie Raskin, said.

Monahan said he now has not re-imposed regulations to wear mandatory masks in the buildings of this complex.

Some offices in the US Congress have started to cancel or decrease the scale of public events.

The question now is whether the Delta strain has a risk for those who have been vaccinated or not, McCaul said, adding that one of his top concerns is whether or not the need for a need for an enhanced vaccine injecting or

The leaders of the majority of the Steny Hoyer Housekeeper do not rule out the ability to impose a requirement to wear compulsory masks in Capitol hills, which are loosened two months ago.

Hoyer added that Dr. Mononan was closely monitoring the situation in Capitol Hill and talked with Congress leaders on updating safety instructions.

The Democratic Senator Jack Reed proposed the ability to ask people to produce the certificate of immunization before entering the Capitol hill, a difficult scenario but shows the level of anxiety in this complex.

You may need to show the vaccination certificate to enter the door, Reed says when indicating people with heavy symptoms are mostly yet injected with vaccines.

Most members, employees and guests at the two American National Assembly have put a mask from a few weeks ago.

Capitol Hill in Washington, USA in April 2020.

The number of people who have immunized viral infections increased, including senior assistants in the office of Nancy Pelosi House of Representatives and White House officials on July 20, caused many people in the unexpected Capitol hill.

Many Democrats in the House of Representatives showedly disappointed when many Republican MPs refused to vaccinate vaccines and wear a mask.

We don't even know whether all his colleagues have been vaccinated or not, Kuster worries, adding that often avoiding crowded events despite being vaccinated.

During the press conference on July 20, the minority leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell called on the fastest vaccinations possible if they didn't want to return to the same situation as last year.

Some new cases in Capitol Hill seem to originate from a visit to Washington of a group of Democratic members of the Texas State Parliament, three of these have positive results over the weekend.

Many people in Capitol Hill have only enjoyed the feeling of relief after security measures after riots on January 6 are relaxed.

There may be one or more other strains, Mark Pocan Democratic Senator worries and adds more careful.

However, not all legislators are worried about the risk of spreading in Capitol hills when most of the members have vaccinated.

I don't consider this a big problem, but obviously if we need to do something, I will do it, Lower Republic of Tom Cole said.