Strongly puffled on the red carpet when she got down to the plane in Shenzhen between the welcome of hundreds of people, after she was released by Canada.

The flight carrying Huawei financial director is strong on September 25 landing on Shenzhen city airport, China, after the journey of flying from Vacouver, Canada.


Photo: Reuters

The video was directly played by China Central Television (CCTV), which shows that it is strong that the red carpet has been spread to the red carpet, the Huawei staff stands around welcome and a protective wearer

A few hours before the plane landed, hundreds of Chinese people to the airport in Shenzhen showed a strong welcome banner and shouted the patriotic slogans.

Strongly, it can be declared innocent and released to be a great political and diplomatic victory for China, Liu Dan, who went to the airport to welcome Huawei Financial Officer, said.

Strongly waved with corporate employees and those who welcomed her at the airport in Shenzhen, China on September 25.

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman also said that allegation aimed at strongly, it was to suppress the country's high-tech enterprises.

Huawei in the announcement on September 25 said she wanted her strong reunion with the family and announced it would continue to protect themselves before the allegations in the New York District Court.

Ms. Manh was released at the trial in Canada's Vancouver city on September 24, a few hours after US prosecutors in New York announced a deal suspension of frauds for her.


Photo: Reuters

China then released Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, two Canadian citizens were arrested a few days after Huawei Director was detained.

China accused the US to attack politics into one of the leading technology corporations in Asia, suggesting that Canada obeyed the US orders when he caught her strong, who was dubbed Huawei princess and could become leader of

The electronic board currently has a strong welcome to the house at Bao An Shenzhen Airport, China on September 25.

Allegations and Catching Manh Chu Financial Officer are said to be in a greater campaign conducted by the US aimed at Huawei, Washington Technology Group is closely related to the Government and the Central Military

US officials said the phone, router and switches and switches of Huawei, which are widely used in the world, providing Chinese informal intelligence to intrusion and inter-systems

Huawei repeatedly denied accusations of this Revolutionary Group for the Government and the Chinese army, said the US wants to hinder them grow because no company does this company provides similar technology at competitive prices.