For millions of young German people, Merkel is the only leader they know, a lighthouse is steadfast between the world's uncertainties, but many people want to change.

When Merkel was about to close the 16-year term, some people said that her slow approach hindered progress in many outstanding issues such as climate protection or cyberspace race.


Photo: Reuters.

Voters under 30 years of age accounted for 14% of the total number of German voters will vote on September 25 to select the new Prime Minister to lead the country.

German Prime Minister Angela Merkel in Burgergarten City, Germany, on September 10.

Others assume that old parties, like CDU or Democratic Democratic Party, cannot bring significant changes.

She failed completely in digitization, the climate crisis was getting worse, the gap between the rich and poor was constantly being widened and she did nothing to solve the inequality.

Dierckx added that Prime Minister Merkel showed that she was not interested in his generation as well as their future but only pursuing conservative politics at the worst level.

Dierckx is not the only young person feeling the outside of Germany.

The policies that the CDU Party of Merkel are mainly targeted at the elderly, Kaan Ogurlu, 19, Law students in Berlin, said.

A movement led by young people in recent years has urged Merkel Prime Minister to act strongly on climate protection.

Environmental activists also sue government to court to request environmental goals.

After a debate on television last week between three new prime minister candidates, only 11% of 18-34 voters choose Armin Laschet of the CDU Party as the winner, while 52% choose Annalena Baerbock from the Green Party

In addition to climate problems, many young people in Germany are disappointed in how the Government acts in Covid-19 pandemic.

But for many others, Merkel is still rated as an experienced politician, experienced over the crisis stages.

She showed a stable and stable mindfulness in the face of the 2008 financial crisis and the refugee wave in 2015, when Germany opened the door to welcome hundreds of Afghan migrants and Syria to run the war

For young people, especially those aged 20s, Merkel's calm and calm executive is very valuable, Sociologist Klaus Hurrelmann from Hertie in Berlin, said.

According to Hurrelmann, Prime Minister Merkel has a meteoric like a mother who always takes care of their children.

Merkel left would be a big step change for many German young people.

With Maria Elliot, the 26-year-old biology student from Berlin, Merkel was the one who handled a crisis.

However, with many other young people, it was time for Germany to need a new government without CDU.

Bonds of young people can significantly impact on capital elections in a very good situation, according to public opinion polls.

Although many young people will not feel regretful to look at Prime Minister Merkel, Elliot still has something to thank her.

After 2015, my mother and his stepfather admitted a refugee child from Afghanistan, Elliot said.