Chinese infrastructure construction fever in the past few decades has caused many Americans to be amazing, but Washington is difficult to do the same.

Even the most harsh American people with China are also amazing about the ability to build bridges, railways and other massive infrastructure works, even considered as a national technical period.


Photo: ZUMA Press.

President Joe Biden is the latest US leader raising Chinese construction achievements as an excuse to urge the National Assembly through an ambitious infrastructure plan.

Beautiful airports, spectacular stadiums, skyscrapers have "passed off" visitors to China.

Former President Donald Trump also appreciated China's capacity in this area and pledged to rebuild America.

The bridge crosses the Yangtze River more than 11 km connecting Shanghai and Jiangsu Province.

"China really makes others jealous. Chinese people seem to be able to do what we used to do," Thomas J. Campanella, historians specializing in urban planning at Cornell University and once lived on the side

However, learning according to China is another story.

China's most proud symbol is a Van Ly Truong Thanh, the wall is about 19,300 km long built for centuries.

The President of the NEW once studied the chemical engineering industry, while Hu Jintao predecessor specialized in hydropower engineering.

Mao Zedong also pursued many construction projects such as a two-storey railway bridge across the Yangtze River.

Being motivated by international aid from the US multilateral institutions, China has started to build infrastructure seriously, focusing on large projects to create many jobs.

One of the main points Biden raised in the first press conference as President in the late March was China who spent a lot of US infrastructure.

China currently has at least one million bridges, including the highest bridges in the world.

Bill Gates has publicly announced a remarkable statistical in 2014, showing that China in the previous three years used a lot of cement more than the US amount used for the 20th century. Geological Survey's data indicates that China has only

China also produces more than half of the world's steel, alone last year 14 times the number of US production, according to the World Steel Association in Brussels.

Although China sells more cars than the United States since 2009, people do not own many cars like Americans.

China's high-speed rail network has a total length of about 37,900 km, 8 times the distance between New York and Los Angeles, while Beijing is expected to continue to expand by 30% until 2025. Routes


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Shanghai and Hangzhou high-speed high-speed train can reach a maximum speed of 346 km / h, which helps passengers takes about 65 minutes to move between the two cities.

What America can learn from Beijing's rail strategy is the infrastructure budget, so it is valued for the common interests of society, rather than strict forecasts of revenue, according to Arthur Kroeber,

"It may be the driving force for economic growth and does not need to pay a direct refund directly," he said.

Silas Chiily, Director of Huge Architecture of America Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, said China mayor implemented a bold construction project because they expect to increase in big cities later

When Shanghai officials in 1991 invited to consider the feasibility of the subway, the urban planning houses of the World Bank rejected the idea of building underground traffic systems because the city was in the basin

Subway allows cities to have many areas to build apartment buildings.

China also became a place to produce large tunnel drilling machines, helping to clear the routes through the mountains or in the river, and the world's largest subway manufacturer.

"We need a bit of China's motivation to stir their game," Campanella, who called for politicians to have a fierce approach to promote the approval of construction projects and said.

Beijing Dai Hung International Airport is built in December 2018.

However, the observers said that the "whirlwind" of China's infrastructure also caused many problems, including public debt and the building scale was too large compared to demand.

In 2019, less than a decade after Beijing expanded the main airport, the city inaugurated Geopana International Airport worth US $ 17.5 billion, due to the architect Zaha Hadid, the yard

International Institute of Finance in Washington estimates China's debt at 335% of GDP, increasing from 200% in 2011.

The sense of pollution, debt and excess construction density, China increasingly focuses on green infrastructure such as wind power farms, digital telecommunications and smart roads for unmanned vehicles

Beijing also looks forward to seeking construction and technical industry development opportunities.

The bottom line that Biden gave to persuade the National Assembly to support the plan to spend more than two trillion USD for the infrastructure is that the US has dropped to 13 global quality of infrastructure, from 5th place in 2002