Germany announced the goal of 95% of gas storage accumulation, which can meet the needs of the people of this country for two months.

The amount of gas stored today on average 95.14% of the capacity.


Photo: Reuters

The German government said measures to save and increase the purchase of gas to help the storage process are significantly accelerated.

According to German Economic Minister Robert Habeck, the German government's actions have been adjusted to a market almost uncontrolled for decades, thereby helping Berlin to fill the warehouses faster, despite no source.

Now, we need to continue strengthening the supply for the upcoming winter, Mr. Habeck said.

The total amount of gas reserves is equivalent to 240.8 TWH, according to the Association of Energy and Germany.

Klaus Mueller, director of German energy management agency Bundesnetzagentur, said to avoid occurring emergency gas in winter, Germany needs to increase gas import and consumption demand must be reduced by at least 20%.

A gas storage facility of VNG AG commercial gas company in Bad Lauchstaedt, Germany, July 28.

Europe is facing the energy crisis in the winter, when the demand for heating increases, because Russia has cut most of the supply of gas to the continent.

Germany, the largest economy in Europe and depends heavily on Russian energy, must race to find supply instead and enhance reserve.

The German government warned that the country's economy fell into a recession in 2023, in the context of the energy price continued to rise.

Merkel said he did not regret the energy policy with Moscow during his term, although this was thought to make Germany depend on Russian gas.

Experts predict that European will have to go through many difficult winters before it can fill the void of gas supply from Russia.

The German Prime Minister did not expect soon to have a supply of energy from Russia, calling on the people of the country to unite to overcome the upcoming winter.