Wuhan virus lab responds to all safety standards, unable to leak NCOV out, according to the French virus Fabriel Gras.

Fabriel Gras, a virusist and biological security expert who worked at the French Embassy in China, today confirmed that NCOV did not originate or reach from the laboratory of Wuhan Virus (WIV).


Photo: AFP

Gras is one of the supervisors of the construction process and certification of BSL-4 biological security standards of the Wiv Laboratory, the first base of this standard in China.

BSL-4 Laboratory (left) in the research house of the WIV.

A Wiv's leading researcher said the Corona virus on the bat did not take place at this facility, but it became the focus of NCOV hypothesis from the laboratory, after the US media announced the version

Gras used to work at the WIV in the period of 2012-2017 and understood the activity here, arguing that it was difficult to be able to use Chinese scientists to use BSL-4 to study Corona virus because it takes too much time and

I have no problems when working at BSL-4 facility.

Gras said that the risk of pathogens reached from the nearby BSL-3 lab was about 1-3%, but added that he had never been to the WIV's basis after 2017.

Wuhan Virus Institute is China's leading SARS research facility, located not far from Hoa Nam seafood market, which is said to have a virus from animals to people at the beginning of the pandemic.

The close distance between the Laboratory of the Wiv and Hoa Nam Seafood Market has caused many suspicion of NCOV origin.

The World Health Organization (WHO) was earlier to appoint a group of international experts to Wuhan to investigate the origin of Covid-19 and concluded that the NCOV script leaked from the laboratory was extremely unlikely.

However, some countries, in which the US, England and Japan, said that the WHO investigation in Wuhan still failed due to lack of transparency, lack of independence with Beijing.