In the first time I met the billionaire spouses, Robert Stephan Cohen always asked them about pillow blankets, how to make money and the cause of rift emotions.

In 58 years of career, Cohen has represented a series of celebrities, millionaires and billionaires, from actor UMA Thurman and James Gandolfini, the first wife of Donald Trump, to the former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg,


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This achievement makes Lawyer Cohen nicknamed the killer, Doberman dog, or the worst nightmare.

In the interview on May 25 at Cohen's office on the 32nd floor a skyscraper in the center of New York, Lawyer 82-year-old often joked and asked himself.

Robert Stephan Cohen interviewed at the office in Manhattan on May 25.

Bill Gates is the 4th richest person with an estimated 126 billion USD assets, according to Forbes.

Many rumors were released after the two announced a divorce in early May. As Bill Gates has an outflow relationship with Microsoft's female employees, or is related to the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Cohen recounted the complexity in a divorce of billionaires and how the American upstream divided his huge assets when married broken.

The wealth in the US is amazing.

Each divorce related to rich customers start the same.

I think that if people still have an intimate relationship, are happy in marriage, it is necessary to save it, Cohen said.

He will ask many questions like the relevant children or not, whether to raise a child or not, how customers make money, when they start getting rich, why married broken,

Lawyer divorces like a strange psychologist, comedian Chris Rock said.

They need attentive, psychological.

When a customer decided to hire him, Cohen and his team began to prepare for long journeys.

The day before, we calculated, sometimes lost the whole month to make a financial report for a wealthy customer, he said.

For celebrities such as Rock, Cohen must set up guest privacy strategies.

We are probably the company that puts the most cassette for customers, because it is necessary to hide and keep secrets about customers before publicizing divorce information, he said.

Cohen said as soon as she received a celebrity's call, he immediately thought of the list for guests.

Lawyer divorces represent very little celebrities.

David Saxe, the New York Court judge who retired, said that to succeed in divorce related to millions of dollars, lawyers such as Cohen must know deeply under law and business

To become a good lawyer in this area, you have to know more than divorce laws, Saxe said.

Must be a lawyer understanding all careers to represent rich customers in a divorce, which is what Bob Cohen is doing, Saxe commented.

Cohen grew up in Cidey Island, Brooklyn, having a father to take a taxi driver, his mother made housework.


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Cohen learned about ambitious and rich early in his career, under Roy Cohn's lead, the famous prosecutor, the right hand of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

My political view was different from him, Cohen said.

In addition to the legal qualification, Cohn also taught Cohen about good things in life, taking him to travel with private planes, giving him offices along Park Avenue.

I saw things I've never seen and very interested, Cohen said.

Although he started as a business attorney, Cohen began to be famous when representing billionaires Henry Kravis in a post-divorce dispute in the 1990s.

This is not a divorce, but very similar to divorce, Cohen said.

He received a few cases, then won this case to the other.

According to Eleanor Barrett, the Vice Rector of Pennsylvania Law University, an anatomical lecture of Cohen's divorce is a student's favorite lesson for many years.

Saxe said the divorce cases that Cohen represented are often called divorce deals, because it relates to rich customers, often speculative fund managers, corporate bosses, or players

Whether a lawyer represents people with a lot of money or less money, they need to fully understand how to approach that ruffled assets, Saxe said.

With Melinda Gates, Sexe believes Cohen is a suitable person to help her reach the best deal and become the world's second rich woman.

Those people can hire any lawyers in the world, Saxe said.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates participated in a discussion on durable development goals in Brussels, in January 2015.

The peak period in Cohen's career seems to have over, when the marriage rate and divorce in the US have decreased.

Cohen said he was fully aware of this trend but did not worry.

I don't worry, nor anyone in my company worried, Cohen said.

Cohen said the company handled 50 divorce cases every year, as well as some marriage agreements.

Cohen's customers are most like him, who are longer, longer life.

Previously, when people were 60 years old, they would stop working, retiring and resting.

Though dealing with a trouble divorce, Cohen still slept well every night.

The currency was I was destroying a marriage.