Lilibet Diana, daughter Harry and Meghan, is the first prince of Queen Elizabeth II who is not born in the UK, but has the name contact the most royal family.

Harry and Meghan couple on June 6 issued a notice of the Duchess of his Sussex who gave birth to a daughter at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in California, USA, on June 4.


Photo: AP.

The name of the girl immediately caused attention, when collapsed from the nickname of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana, Harry's late mother.

Lilibet was the affectionate nickname that loved ones used to call Queen Elizabeth, originating from when she was young and could not pronounce his name correctly.

Queen Elizabeth II (left) and Harry - Meghan couple at Buckingham Palace in 2018. Photo: AP.

Father of Queen Elizabeth, King George VI, once said: Lilibet is my pride.

Royal Philip, the Queen's husband, often calls his wife with this nickname throughout the days together.

Royal analysts he speculated the Queen no longer used the nickname Lilibet after the Philip Prince died in early April. In his funeral, the queen left a message above the coffin, signed Lilibet

Besides confirming the nickname from the nickname of Queen Elizabeth, Harry and Meghan said girls will be referred to as Lili, with a pronunciation that coincides with a flower name is often considered a symbol of purity

Lili's buffer was Diana, to honor Harry's late mother.

One of the most difficult things to accept, is the fact that people who follow my mother into the tunnel are also photographers when she weakens on the back seat.

The name Diana is derived from Indian - EUROPE, referring to the sacredness, which is also the name of a Roman goddess representing the ability to grow, hunting and the moon.

According to Sky News's Rhiannon Mills commentator, naming the child with many relations with the royal family was not surprisingly considered in the previous context.

Choosing the name of Lilibet, the nickname of the queen, quite unexpectedly in a way.

After Harry - Meghan's blockbuster interview on the British Royal Internal Story in March, Queen Elizabeth also expressed interest and sympathy with their difficulties when duty royal and

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor will always be part of the Windsor family so.