WHO said that China could not be forced to disclose more Covid-19 origin data, and will propose research to understand the problem at the next level.

At the press conference in Geneva, Switzerland on June 7, when a reporter asked how the World Health Organization (WHO) will force China more openly about providing the origin data of Covid-19, Mike


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We fully expect cooperation, contributing ideas and support of all member countries in that effort, Ryan said, adding that the organization will propose the studies needed to better understand the problem

There are two hypotheses of the origin of Covid-19, such as the virus that has been infected from animals, can start from bats, go to humans, or get out of an experimental launch in Wuhan, China, which is conducting research

WHO MIKE Ryan Emergency Program Director at the press conference in Geneva, Switzerland in March. Photo: AFP.

Members of the investigation team led by WHO to China in March to consider the origin of Covid-19, but were not entitled to access all data, continuing to raise the debate about the transparency of the North

Emails released under the Law Freedom of Information Last Last in the United States made the top healthy official Anthony Fauci was criticized, because he received email from Peter Daszak, the head of EcoHealth Alliance - Non-profit organization

Daszak is a letter co-author to Lancet Science Journal in March, which does not disclose its conflict of interests.

The world recorded 174,297,341 cases of NCOV and 3,749,534 deaths, up 245.661 and 5,645 respectively, while 156,019,830 people recovered, according to real-time Worldometers statistics page.

America, the world's largest translation area, reported 34,221,453 cases and 612,588 deaths due to NCOV, an increase of 7,183 cases and 204 deaths compared to the previous day.

The New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that most of the remaining restrictions of the state will be lifted when 70% of residents have injected at least one vaccine dose, the target he said was only 1.4% to achieve.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the US will start distributing 80 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines worldwide from now until the end of July, through Covax or direct distribution.

About 75% of the first 25 million doses will be done with the coordination of Covax, the remaining 25% we can do directly, ensure scientific problems and needs.

According to Smith, about 6 million doses will be distributed throughout Latin America, including the Caribbean, 7 million doses to South Asia and Southeast Asia, and 5 million doses to Africa.

India is the world's second largest translation area with 28,996,949 cases and 351,344 deaths, rising from the previous version 87.345 and 2,115 cases.

In the context of being criticized on how to handle pandemic, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the government will provide a free Covid-19 vaccine for all adults from the end of this month.

The notice given in the context of India recognizes a significantly reduced infection, promoting the states to easily loosen traffic and business restrictions from the next week.

Mexico, the fourth largest epidemic area of South America, reported 881CA infection and 34 new deaths, bringing the total number of cases and deaths to 2.434.562 and 228.838.

Ireland reports 377 cases of infections, bringing the total number of infections to 264.826, while death does not change, still 4,941.

Joys are available throughout Ireland on June 7 when the country reopened the pubs, restaurants and entertainment facilities.

Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin described it as a very important day for the restaurant.

The Czech Republic announced to re-open the border for EU and Serbian citizens on June 21.

Meanwhile, at schools, teachers and children are required to wear masks in most regions of the country.

Earlier this year, the Czech Republic, now recorded 1.66 million cases of infections and 30,164 cases of death, the country reported the highest person's infection and death.

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