The Russian president said that conflicts in former Soviet countries, including Ukraine, were a result of the Soviet disintegration more than 30 years ago.

Looking at what is happening between Russia - Ukraine as well as in the border of some countries of the independent countries (SNG) is enough.


Photo: AFP

Besides the Ukrainian war, armed conflicts appear in many countries in the former Soviet Union.

In the speech, the Russian President accused the West to be ready to target any country to cause crisis, couped or massacre.

Russian President Putin presided over the meeting on agricultural issues at Sochi on September 27.

To pursue goals, our geopolitical rivals are ready to put anyone, any country in dangerous situation, turn that place into the focus of crisis, incite the revolution and cause color and cause

He noted that the US global domination order was collapsed, while a new, fairer order was being formed.

We also know that the West is giving scenarios to incite new conflicts in SNG.

Putin argued that the risk of instability was increasing, including in Asia -Pacific countries.

It is important to analyze the risks and challenges that are emerging for security of SNG countries, determining the nature, scale and trend of their development are the most important condition for effectively disabling.

Mr. Putin made a speech in the context of Russia - Ukraine's war entered the 8th month before the military campaign, Moscow criticized the West to ignore their legitimate security concerns, while NATO

The situation of Ukraine recently increased heat when Russia has issued a partially and expected to merge four Ukrainian regions after referendums.

Moscow is concerned about the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, but this is also a big risk scenario for Russia itself.

Arriving at the city of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia with a small bag of luggage, Dmitri chose to leave his wife and children in the back.