Nikkei argues that low soldiers are weak points that China must increase nuclear missile bullets and increase the birth rate to offset.

China recently built a series of new cross-continental ballistic missiles (ICBM) in the domestic desert.


Photo: PLA

These moves are evidence that China is seeking to resolve concerns related to soldiers of soldiers and army fighting capabilities in a prolonged war, Tetsuro Kosaka, Nikkei editor,

In nearly a decade, China deployed many unauthorized activities in the South China Sea such as the artificial islands and deployed the same rocket radar here to prevent foreign aircraft and battleships to reach the region.

Bullet rocket launcher from submarine (SLBM) is a modified weapon, allowing the country to own them without being disadvantaged by submarines that can hide in deep water and capable of deterrent

Ballistic rocket launched from JL-2 submarine during the arena in Beijing capital, China in October 2019.

However, China rushed to build hundreds of new ICBM launchers in the domestic desert.

A Chinese submarine in January 2018 represents weak capacity when moving at the seabed in the area adjacent to the Senkaku / Diaoyu Diaoyu disputed in the East China Sea and was discovered by Japanese defense.

Under international law, the Defense Force on the Japanese Sea, it is possible to identify this as an unknown submarine to invade terraces in a diving state and reserves the right to conduct countermeasures.


Photo: Reuters

Many Japanese and American officials consider the rapid Chinese submarine crew to emerging the weak spirit of the country's soldiers, Kosaka said.

China recently increased military spending and constantly invested in modern talents.

The Chinese Navy is accelerating the aircraft carrier manufacturing program, but a former Japanese defense official predicts the Chinese carrier will not leave the port in case of a conflict that is attacked and hit

Chinese soldiers in the winners won in Moskva, Russia in June 2020.

Some experts believe that the spirit of Chinese soldiers is low due to the country's long-year-old policy, causing the Chinese army to become the world's largest army.

More than 70% of Chinese soldiers are one, Kinichi Nishimura, a former land officer of Japan's ground defense, said.

The Chinese government on August 1 issued the Law to protect the status, the rights and interests of the military and the move showed that the country's troops may not solve the difficulties of the resort in the context of the rate


Photo: PLA

The Chinese army strengthened the deployment of battleships and fighed several years ago, Nishimura said.

Experts say this is a part of China the past years depends more on unmanned aircraft (UAV) and ballistic missiles.

One of the Chinese military doctrines said that it was necessary to launch a large number of missiles right in the early stages of the battle and immediately withdrew from the front line.


The Chinese army over the past few years urgently added many fighters, UAV, water and submarine battleships, the move shows that the intention of increasing the number of missiles launched when the battle begins.

To defend the threat from Chinese, Japanese missiles and other countries to think of strengthening measures to reduce damage, Kosaka wrote.

These measures include the development and implementation of the next generation weapons including high-energy laser weapons and electromagnetic cannons, Kosaka said.