British Interior Minister Bravman announced its resignation in the context of Prime Minister Liz Truss' government facing chaotic.

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Photo: Reuters.

Braveman added that she was seriously concerned about the issue of respect for the commitments that Prime Minister Truss's government promised voters in the recent election.

Truss Prime Minister quickly responded to Braveman, saying that approving her resignation and respecting her decisions.

Ms. Suella Broverman in Downing Street, London, England, on March 23.

Braveman is one of the three key ministers of the British Cabinet, next to the Minister of Finance and Foreign Minister.

The British Prime Minister's office later announced that former Transport Minister Grant Shapps would replace Braveman as the Minister of the Interior.

Prime Minister Truss on October 19 experienced a booing meeting with British MPs.

Prime Minister Truss responded to Mr. Starmer, asserting himself as a warrior, not a giving up and always ready to confront.

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The departure of the Interior Minister Bravman took place when Prime Minister Truss, who had just become a leader of England less than 6 weeks, facing the risk of being dismissed from the conservative party itself.

Economic stimulating package and 45 billion -table tax cut program are committed by Ms. Truss from the election stage and was announced last month to bring the economy out of stagnation.

Mr. Hunt on October 17 eliminated the remaining major plans in the tax cut program that Truss made.

The position of Prime Minister Lizz Truss is threatened after she fired the Minister of Finance and reverse the tax cut plan.

After dismissing the Finance Minister a few days ago, British Prime Minister Liz Truss now struggled to save his own chair.