Russian officials appointed announcements of the Ukrainian army's counterattacks and the battle line in Kherson province has not changed.

Our Kherson province is fine, the battle line has not changed anymore.


Photo: Reuters

The gray area, where everything remains the status quo, has been formed, Mr. Stremousov said.

Stremousov previously admitted that Ukrainian forces reached the northern province of Kherson but thought that the situation was not serious.

Ukraine has not commented on the above information.

Ukraine tanks near the battle line in Mykolaiv on August 10.

Ukraine recently launched an attack in the southern province of Kherson, re -controlled many settlements, after an attempt to counterattack many results in the northeastern province of Kharkov.


Photo: Guardian

Celeste Wallander, assistant minister of the US Defense in charge of international security, on October 3, said Ukraine was on the rise to repel the Russian force on the west bank of Dnieper River.

The Russian force controlled most of Kherson province, one of the four provinces signed by President Vladimir Putin today signed the document merged into the territory.

War in southern Ukraine.

Merging 4 Ukraine provinces, Putin not only wanted to create a political victory, but also expected to achieve a strategic position and increase economic pressure with Kiev, according to experts.

Ukrainian President Zelensky confirmed that the water force was making strong strides in the South and regaining dozens of villages this week.