Russia announced not to issue passports to people in the army, in the context that there were people who left the country to avoid encouragement.

If citizens are called for military service or summoned under the encouragement, this person will be denied the passport, the Russian government website announced today.


Photo: AFP.

Since President Vladimir Putin announced the command to encourage and mobilize 300,000 troops to Ukraine, tens of thousands of Russians have moved to neighboring countries to avoid troops, according to AFP.

The long line of cars lined up at the Russian - Finnish border checkpoint near Vaalimaa on September 22.

Many people are concerned that Russian men in the age of enlistment may be banned from leaving the country when some information appeared that some people were denied exit.

Russia also has an internal passport system, accepted in some neighboring countries of the Soviet Union.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, those who are exempted from encouragement include technology personnel, banks, journalists, defense industry staff, who do not meet health standards, have at least 4 children or must be right.

Aleksey shared that he went to Mongolia to avoid the army not because of fear, but because he did not understand the reason why the Russians had to fight in Ukraine.

Yulia burst into tears when Andrrei put his backpack on Tong Quan, because they were only a few minutes to get married to the army room in the Rostov region.