The Governor of Belgorod, western Russia, said an oil warehouse was shelled, causing fire but no casualties.

We continue to be the target of ambush.


Photo: Telegram Vyacheslav Gladkov.

The fire occurred in the village of Razumnoye-71, near the city of Belgorod, the capital of the province.

The fire at the oil warehouse Belgorod on October 15.

Gladkov did not mention where the ambush came from.

The local fire agency said at least 10 diesel tanks were burnt.

The Ukrainian government has not commented on this development.


Photo: WP

Russian officials over the week have declared many border areas with Ukraine, including Belgorod province, which was ambushed by artillery and missiles.

Belgorod city power plant hit the cannon shells on October 14, causing a large -scale power outage.

Belgorod province of Russia.

President Lukashenko had a military and political reason to not send the Belarus army to fight in Ukraine, despite announcing a coordination force with Russia.

Russia continuously ambushed Ukraine with long -range missiles to retaliate against the Crimea bridge, but could cause exhausted reserves, while Kiev increased air defense power.