The curtain shows the feelings of strong spouses in Shenzhen airport on September 25, making millions of Chinese social network users enjoy.

Immediately after the flight was strong, the Canada landed in Shenzhen, her husband, standing on the runway in the crowd of about 100 people, excitedly waving to his wife and shouting: I love you.


Photo: SCMP.

I also love you, the financial director of China's leading Telecommunications Group replied and did not forget to wave the husband.

Chinese social network users have prevented ecstatic because the curtain shows this feelings, after the video records a romantic moment between two people who are spreading on the internet.

Liuzhong Cardboard (gray vest, left), strong husband, waving welcome wife at Shenzhen Bao An International Airport, September 25.

In the video was played by the Chinese Central Television CCTV, Liu Xiaoming, strong husband, feet, continuously waved and shouted three words he loved me before his wife had a short speech thank

All yesterday morning, this emotional moment of strong spouses always stood first in the list of the most searched keywords on Weibo, attracting 400 million clicks and 14,000 comments, with many ideas

Another reason why the scene attracted the attention may be because the scenes show such public feelings very rare in China.

Let a young man say 'I love you' between the crowd are hard, but a 40-year-old man can do it.

Liuzhou, 45, has worked for Huawei about 10 years before marriage with strong, 49 years old, in 2007. The two of them have a common and strong daughter with three sons from the previous marriage

The return trip of strong puffy after nearly three years of arrest in Canada is still the owner to the hottest on the Chinese social network since September 24 when the media this water demonstrates it as evidence of one

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Manh Chu at Shenzhen airport, China, on September 25.

Hundreds of people have gathered in the arrival lobby of Bao An International Airport Shenzhen over the weekend to strongly welcome to welcome banners and patriotic songs.

At the time on September 25, 26 of 30 prominent search keywords on Weibo are related to strong.

However, not everyone feels impressive.

Sorry, why did she be like a hero?

It is the love of the rich house, another comment.

Manh Chu was released at the trial in Vancouver city of Canada on September 24, a few hours after US prosecutors in New York announced an agreement suspending frauds for her.