The Al-Qaeda headquarters in Afghanistan in 2001 was the biggest and most boldest campaign of the British Air Force (SAS) for nearly 60 years.

The British Air Force Special Forces (SAS) is considered one of the most elite forces in the world.


Photo: War History

At the end of 2001, British intelligence discovered an opium production facility located about 12 km from the Afghan border - Pakistan, used as the headquarters of the Al -Qaeda terrorist group as well as the Taliban gunmen.

The United States did not want to mobilize soldiers to attack this facility, because their priority was to search for terrorist bosses Osama bin Laden.

British special forces deployed in Afghanistan in 2001. Photo: War History.

The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, fully supported SAS to carry out a raid on the Al-Qaeda headquarters, considering this as an opportunity to collect many important intelligence and blow strongly on the terrorist group.

The mission is approved with the Campaign Campaign.

The campaign took place around the end of November 2001.

After that, the main group of Team A and G was transferred by 6 Mechanical C-130s to the gathering point in two times.

During the grounding process, a Land Rover was broken and could not join the war, forcing three soldiers to stay in the car.

Before the raid, F/A-18 and F-14 fighters of the US Navy conducted an air base of opium.

The G team applied the enemy with machine guns, anti-tank missiles and sniper rifles, while Team A approached the target with the support of the US F/A-18 fighter.

Team A was then divided into many groups to close the target, apply a supportive tactic, one moved to disable Al-Qaeda and Taliban gunmen.

They searched the building and collected all intelligence documents on the spot.

The Trent campaign is considered to be successful, when Team A obtained two laptops and many important documents, serving future raids in Afghanistan.

After the campaign, some soldiers of the A and G teams were rewarded with prestigious medals for contributing to the success of the mission.

In addition to fierce battles at sea, England and Argentina also have many times confronted with special soldiers in the Falkland battle.

The raid rescue hostage was arrested in the Iranian ambassador in London is considered a famous battle of the British Air Force (SAS).