The US intelligence takes months to identify Al-zawahiri's active and operational rules, before launching an air strike in Afghanistan.

US President Joe Biden announced he instructed the US forces to conduct a successful air strike in the Afghan Kabul capital, destroying the leader of Al-Qaeda Ayman al-zawahiri.


Photo: Reuters

Senior US government officials said the attack was conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and was the first time the US made air strikes in Afghanistan since withdrawing all its forces from the country in August.

The air strike takes place in the morning of July 31, when the US drone (UAV) launched two Hellfire missiles while Al-zawahiri walked to the safe house balcony in Kabul, Afghistan, where he lived.

UAV MQ-9 USA before a duty trip in 2020. Photo: Reuters.

After the missile fired, the loud bang rang from the Shirpur area in the center of Kabul.

The US intelligence community traced the Al-zawahiri to this house, then spent months confirming his identity and law of activities, including monitoring the travel and activities of the tycoon.

By the beginning of April, US intelligence reported to national security officials that al-zawahiri lived in this area and never left the hiding place.

CIA staff have built a house model to present to President Biden about the attack plan, helping to minimize casualties for people inside and civilians around them.

On July 1, Mr. Biden participated in a meeting at the White House with many leading government officials, including CIA Director William Burns, National Intelligence Director Avril Haines, Director of the National Center for terrorist anti -terrorism

The next meeting between the White House owner and the advisers took place on July 25, in which President Biden urged US intelligence agencies to develop an attack plan to minimize common casualties.


Photo: Washington Post

The entire adviser recommends that the ambush and Mr. Biden approved the plan, an unnamed official said.

US officials believe that many Taliban government officials knew that al-zawahiri lived in this house and took many measures to hide his whereabouts after the attack.

Taliban Zabhullah Mujahid spokesman confirmed an air strike in Kabul on July 31, strongly criticized the move and called it act of violating international principles, but did not comment on information

The Shirpur area, where the air strike took place on July 31, in the capital of Kabul of Afghanistan.

Analysts believe that Ayman al-zawahiri plays an important role in the process of turning al-Qaeda into dangerous and ambitious global terrorist organization, when merging in his Egypt with the extremist group.

Al-zawahiri is said to be one of the masters in the attacking ship of destroyer USS Cole off Yemen on October 12, 2000, killing 17 American sailors and more than 30 injured, and plays a role in

Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-zawahiri both escaped after the US opened a military campaign in Afghanistan in 2001. Al-Zawahiri became the leader of al-Qaeda after the US Navy special for residence and destroy bin Laden

The United States made air strikes in Afghanistan last week at the instruction of Mr. Biden, destroying the leader Al-zawahiri of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization.