He lived with Covid-19 by unloading the restrictions whether the infection rises again, while Singapore wants to restrain the infection and open the door slowly.

More than 1.5 years after Covid-19 outbreaks, the rich countries in the world began to accept that Covid-19 would not disappear, although the high vaccination rate significantly reduced the number of hospitalizations


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But while they accepted to live with NCOV, countries with very different, typical approaches are Singapore, National Islands 5.69 million people and the United Kingdom 66 million people.

A person who sat reading newspapers in Singapore on July 14.

While he is one of the countries that recorded the highest number of deaths for Covid-19 in the world, nearly 129,000 people since the pandemic began, this number in Singapore was 36. Has 100,000 people in the UK

The British government was condemned because she slowly implemented pandemic control measures, as required to wear a mask and blockade when the virus began to spread in the spring of 2020. In contrast, Singapore quickly closed the edge,

Now, the two countries are outlined with different paths to escape the pandemic, their plans can be considered testing cases for other countries when they boost the immunization program.

In June, Singapore lawmakers revealed a new route to normal in the Letter Posted on Straits Times, marking the difference with the previously infected model.

Instead of trying to exercise thoroughly as before and focus on the number of new cases daily, Singapore will move towards attention on medical results like how many people are severely ill, how many people in the treatment area

A few weeks later, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also offered a similar view, predicting NCOV will become a virus that we learn how to live as we did with the flu.

He said the country's successful vaccine deployment campaign, with 66% of adult immersion population, broke the correlation between infection and severe cases.

But when he said that normal life was returning, the country still increased by about 50,000 cases a day.

The decision to reopen his back to divide public opinion in the country.

In fact, he was intended to open in June, but when the science model estimated thousands of people who could die if limited limited so early, Johnson backed the freedom to July. Dr. Oliver Watson,

The opposite point between England and Singapore is that he still loosened limitations when the infection rises again.

Singapore is ready to tighten limited to deal with completely different outbreaks with the British government's handling, he said.

Singapore is noting an average of 26 Covid-19 cases every day and has not set up the opening day again.

About 40% of Singapore's population has injected two vaccines and the government said the country is on the momentum of vaccination for 3/4 of the population on August 9.

Ong said that the balance will change, but the measures to restrain and minimize will not be abandoned.

People pass through a station in London, England on July 12.

In the UK, many people are worried watching Johnson's gamble.

This strategy will create fertile land for the appearance of vaccine-resistant variants that endangers him and the whole world, they write.

Speaking at a press conference at the beginning of the week, Johnson protected the plan to reopen, saying that the upcoming holiday will act as a natural barrier to limit the spread of viruses in children.


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The dependence on this individual consciousness has caused many people to raise you.

In addition to the issue of 17 million people who have not been vaccinated, the number of incomes can also lead to some people who have died death, he said and commented that it was terrible when he was, one of the few countries above

In contrast to the British, the roadmap escaping from the Covid-19 crisis of Singapore less difficult to oppose the public, partly thanks to the high level of trust in the government.

In the fight against Covid-19, Nation islands have the advantages that many larger countries do not have: low population, people are familiar with rules with strict parts.

A factor that plays an important role in Singapore's anti-epidemic strategy is an exposure system.

But there is also controversy about this app.

The proportion of high vaccinations is the focus of Singapore's re-opening plan.

Singapore officials are working on the basis that Covid-19 will be from a pandemic to become a common disease.

The re-opening of Singapore will take place slowly and not immediately the cage book.

Unlike him, Singapore almost only allows citizens and permanent residents to enter.

Dale Fisher, professor of infectious diseases at the National University of Singapore, said that many people get more vaccinated in Singapore, the number of cases will be less concerned.

However, the way Singapore reopened will not be his type - take off the makeshift and party, he said.

Singapore Health officials are still outlining a more specific opening route, but Fisher thinks that Singaporeans will be allowed to travel more freely and isolated at home if they have vaccinated, instead of the base ways

CA F0 and sometimes both F1 in Singapore are isolated at specialized facilities.

The problem is that we don't want to restrain too closely, but we don't want 5,000 cases in a day, Fisher said.

Experts said that despite many opinions on the need to balance between public health measures and opening the economy, both do not exclude each other.

Matchar said Singapore is trying to remove restrictions slowly to prevent hospitals to overload and prevent economic shocks due to the closure of Ha Khac.

The situation in Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, ahead of the risks ahead.

Despite the previous statement that his limited liftion was irreversible, this week Prime Minister Johnson did not rule out the restrictions if the variant appeared to avoid the vaccine.

Unfortunately when he couldn't wait a little more like Singapore, instead they were choosing to bet on the benefits of the Vaccine campaign they praised as 'great and effective', Watson said.