Kiev supported the conclusion of an international committee that Russia should be considered a terrorist sponsoring country, calling for expansion of sanctions on Moscow.

The Chief of Ukrainian President Andriy Yermak on September 29 praised the current sanctions, but thought that they did not bring decisive impacts.


Photo: AFP

Earlier, an international committee on sanctions including lawyers, diplomats and economists made a report that Russia should be considered a terrorist sponsoring country, according to the legal definition in the Law.

The nature of terrorism can be summarized as a political violence that has been calculated in advance, in order to combat the goals that do not participate in war, the report has a paragraph.

According to the report, the horrific events in Ukraine are not the acts of powdering of the rogue elements in the Russian armed forces but are designed and conducted with the specific purpose of terrorism of the people of Ukraine.

However, members of the committee admitted that Russia as a terrorist sponsoring country could counterproductive effects, at risk of destroying cereal export agreements with Ukraine through the Black Sea.

Russia has not yet commented on the above information.

The Chief of Ukrainian President Andriy Yermak spoke in the country in Kiev on September 13.

The US considers North Korea, Syria, Iran and Cuba as terrorist sponsorship countries.

Kiev and the West repeatedly accused Russia of committing war crimes in Ukraine, and promoting investigation efforts.

On September 5, President Biden responded not to be supported by the reporter who supported the proposal through the bill whether Russia was a terrorist sponsoring country.

The Kremlin Dmitry Peskov then expressed appreciation for Mr. Biden.

The United Nations Investigators said that war crimes were committed in Ukraine and listed Russian bombings into the common area.