The Ukrainian general said the Russian missiles ambushed the country in the past two weeks, including many Soviet bullets.

Russia launched 202 missiles into Ukraine in the second half of June, nearly doubled compared to 120 fruits in the previous two weeks.

Ukrainian officials said the latest raid happened this morning, when the Russian KH-22 bullets launched from the Black Sea to hit an apartment building in the port city of South Odessa, killing at least 18 people.

The Russian Defense Ministry has not commented on information.

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One of the largest missile raids in June took place on June 25, when 30 Russian bullets attacked military base near the northern city of Zhytomyr.

4 Russian cruise missiles on the same day hit a military training center in the Western city of Yavoriv, about 25 km from the Polish border, injuring 4 people.

The central city government Kremenchuk said on June 27 that two Russian KH-22 missiles rushed to the commercial center with more than 1,000 people, killing 19 people and 62 injured.

South Vietnamese officials Mykolaiv on June 29 announced that 10 Russian missiles had plunged into the area, causing 7 deaths.

The three Russian missiles ambushed Ukraine in late June. Click on the image to see details.

Since the beginning of the military campaign, especially in late February, the Russian army has regularly used cruise missiles and ballistic missiles to attack the position of the Ukrainian armed forces, as well as the defense factory and muscle factory.

A series of ambushes took place after some Western officials said that Russia was running out of long -range missiles after more than 4 months of fighting with Ukraine and suffered a series of unprecedented sanctions, causing supply of materials for the industry.

Recent raids are considered by experts as evidence that Russia has the ability to attack every area of Ukraine, even if Moscow has shifted its focus to the battlefield in eastern Ukraine, as well as to send information.

The Ukrainian air defense acknowledged the three-rail missile trio oniks, KH-22 and Russia's Iskander are extremely difficult weapons to intercept.

After a quiet week, Russia ambushed missiles to Ukraine with abnormal high density, seemingly aimed at sending a message to the West.