The Ukrainian president's adviser said that the military continued to liberate the Eastern territory, but the campaign slowered a bit.

The counterattack continued to slow down a bit because most of the Ukrainian forces were fighting to control the city of Lyman, paving the way for us to enter Lugansk province.


Photo: AFP

Lyman is an important railway center located about 60 km west of Severodonetsk.

Ukrainian soldiers sat on the armor near a village in Kharkov province on September 9.

President Volodymyr Zelensky on September 12 announced that Ukraine re -control 6,000 km2 of the territory since the beginning of the month.

We have prepared this carefully, it took months to plan.

Arestovych adviser said the number of weapons obtained from the Russian force will support about three Ukrainian brigades.

They think we will open the main attack on the Kherson city.


Photo: WP

Russia has not commented on the information of the Ukrainian presidential adviser.

The US -based war -based war assessment of Ukraine's counterattack campaign in the Northeast has turned the situation in the direction of their benefits, but it has not been able to end the war.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense on September 13 announced that the military raided a large scale of Ukraine forces on every battle line, causing 800 Ukrainian soldiers and foreign mercenaries.

The Ukrainian battlefield situation after more than 6 months of fighting.

Before Ukraine's lightning counterattack in Kharkov, the Russian army abandoned most of the control area, leaving many tanks, armored and ammunition.

When Ukrainian generals frantically announced the opening of Russian counterattack in the South, they silently prepared to blow unexpectedly more than 600 km away.