Ukraine confirmed that there was increased hostility from Belarus and Moscow's deployment of the force of the co -force signaling the risk of Russia's attack from Belarus.

The aggressive words of the Russian military - political leaders and Belarus are increasing.


Photo: Reuters.

Ukraine has a border in the north with Belarus.

Earlier on the same day, the Belarus Security Agency (KGB) said that we almost saw that intelligence activities increased from Ukraine territory and efforts to violate Belarus airspace.

The soldiers marched at the opening ceremony of the Zapad-2021 exercise organized by the Russian and Belarus armed forces in Belarus in September 2021.

The Belarus Defense Ministry said that the Russian Air Force today organized schedule patrol flights at Belarus's border.

However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia trying to drag Belarus into the war.


Photo: BBC

Belarus shares 1,085 km long border with Ukraine and is less than 100 km from Ukraine and is less than 100 km from Ukraine.

Belarus position.

Regarding the army to Belarus to set up a combined force, Russia made Ukraine worried about the risk of ribs from the North, forcing Kiev to divide the troops to respond.

President Lukashenko had a military and political reason to not send the Belarus army to fight in Ukraine, despite announcing a coordination force with Russia.