When the conflict with Russia could not find an end, Ukrainians chose to accept reality and rediscover normal life to adapt.

On the banks of Dnieper River, parents lying on the sun, while their children spread in the cool water.


Photo: Reuters.

A girl danced, turned around in the sand.

What is happening in the city of Zaporizhzhia, southeast of Ukraine, nothing shows that this is the first gland of the conflict.

An artist performed next to buildings that were partly destroyed for fighting in Yahidne village, northeast of Kiev, July 23.

The current city scene is completely opposite to what happens in April, according to reporter Ivan Watson from CNN.

Now, the period of the cars carrying people evacuated to the west of the country, with many children's words on the steering glass.

People still go to work, take dogs for a walk and play in the park.

We are familiar with this.

In the port city in the Black Sea, the contrasting picture between daily life and tension atmosphere in the front line is more clearly appearing than ever.

Odessa was once known as Ukraine's Black Pearl, a famous resort, the Port City is the most important for the country's import and export industry.

Ballet Katryna Kalchenko actress hid in the basement of Odessa Oda Theater.

Ballet Kalchenko was forced to boot in the basement of the Opera House because the air whistle made the entire orchestra and the dance crew rush to the shelter only half an hour earlier.

When the conflict lasted to the 6th month, many Ukrainians seemed to have accepted normal.


Photo: CNN.

The Ukrainians are very proud of their soldiers resisting Russia's quick attack campaign in Kiev and the Northern region of the country in March.

Many people still hope that the Ukrainian army will achieve more success in the fierce consumption war on the East and Southern Front, where Kiev is aiming to regain many territories.

This is a war that causes heavy damage to both sides.

Death is not scary, much more scary, Serhii Tamarin, an Ukrainian soldier, said.

Recently, Tamarin continued to be hospitalized for wounds when commanding a combat task force in the South of the country.

Tamarin said he almost hit the tank shells and now unable to think smoothly and seamlessly when thinking about a certain problem.

I think only a few more days, they will take me back to my platoon, he said.

But Ukraine's new normal life is not only about the belief in soldiers like Tamarin.

Nearly all Ukrainian people have lost something due to fighting.

How do farmers cultivate next crop next year or students enroll in university while fighting is still fierce, without end?

A answer maybe many Ukrainians have just needed to continue living the most normal life in their ability.