The Saxony state leader warned that Germany was in danger if he was isolated and cut off cooperation with Russia, calling for a peaceful solution to the Ukraine crisis.

I think the long -term isolation idea or never resumes economic cooperation with Russia as ridiculous and dangerous ... The Russian scenario towards China and cuts all relations with Europe is much more dangerous,


Photo: AFP.

Kretschmer concerned about the influence of Russian sanctions on economic and security.

The donor Michael Kretchmer responded to the press at the office in Dresden City, the capital of Saxony, July 19.

The ceasefire not only stops dead, but also creates opportunities to provide raw materials, especially fossil fuels and wheat, Saxony state player.

Germany is the European country most dependent on Russian energy.

Nord Stream 1, the largest gas pipeline from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea, currently only operates with 20% of the capacity after the Russian gas group Gazprom announced stopping another turbine at the Portovaya air compressor station.

According to Kretchmer, despite its ambitious energy conversion plans and political calculations, Germany will still need a supply of gas from Russia for at least 5 years.

The bitter truth is that we have not been able to give up Russian gas, and we must act in that fact, Kretchmer added.


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In addition to households in danger of not being able to warm up in the winter, the German industry also falls into a dangerous situation if the supply of Russian gas is lost.

The Kretschmer donor last month said that Germany needs to make sure there is a reliable supply of energy before applying the Russian sanctions.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Christian Lindner on July 31 warned that the gas crisis in Germany could lead to electricity shortage.

Germany last year stopped operating three nuclear power plants and expected to stop three more factories later this year.

Russian gas transferred pipes for Europe.

Instead of planning traditional festivals, Wolfgang Hubschle is now responsible for seeking to minimize energy used in Bavaria.

A series of EU water applies waist policies that tie air as cold water, turn off the lights, when the supply from Russia is tightened.