Vaccine using mRNA technology is emerging between pandemic as an effective solution that helps many countries speed up the effort to exercise pandemic.

With hundreds of millions of people who were vaccinated against Covid-19, the pandemic showed signs of decline in places that were vaccinated for most population.


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There are two trends that appear in the world.

One of the reasons can be derived from the use of different Covid-19 vaccines.

Other vaccines do not have this additional benefits at the same level of Moderna and Pfizer, despite preventing the effectiveness of severe disease and death for Covid-19.

"This will be a growing trend when countries begin to recognize some kind of vaccines better than other types," Nikolai Petrovsky, professor of Medical University and Community Health, of Flinders University in South Australia

He added that even if the use of any vaccines "better than unused", some vaccines "can have very low benefits" in preventing spreads, even if they reduce the risk of death

A man was injected with the second dose of Pfizer Vaccine at New Mexico University, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA on March 23.

Studying millions of Israeli people injecting Vaccine Pfizer show that the effect of preventing non-symptoms of infections is up to more than 90%.

Community immunity is usually achieved when the virus cannot find new hostes to continue spread.

The difference in vaccine efficiency has made many people want to choose a good type to vaccinate.

In the US, nearly 40% of the population has vaccinated enough two doses of vaccines, mostly Vaccine technology mRNA.

"If you have full vaccination, you can do things that have to pay for a pandemic," said CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, said.

The same scenario also occurs in Israel, where the vaccine is full of 60% of the population with the Pfizer vaccine.

The results have provided additional evidence of the unexpected effect of Vaccine MRNA, the technology was first used in pandemic.

Current Vaccine Vaccine Requirements are stored in extremely cold conditions, causing many countries with poor preservation and transport facilities to reach them.


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These types of traditional technology vaccines, including inactivated virus or virus vector, effectively from 50-80% in preventing Covid-19 symptoms in clinical trials, lower than the rate of 90% of mRNA

"Practical test evidence is difficult to compare because they are collected at different times, in different communities, with different levels of infection and different NCOV variants," said spokesman

The company shows new data published from the UK, showing that two doses of Astrazeneca vaccines are effective from 85-90% to prevent symptoms, according to the Community Health Authority (Phe).

As an island nation in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles has adequate vaccinations for about 65% of the population with two types of Astrazeneca and Sinopharm vaccines, but the rate of new cases has increased rapidly this month, of which 37% are the one

The new outbreak causes the government to close the school, cancel sports events and prohibit gatherings in the house.

In South America, Chile's vaccination campaign uses mainly Vavccine Sinovac.

The observers identified in addition to the effectiveness of the vaccine, the imposition of too slow limited measures or too fast relaxation is also part of the cause, along with a slow test speed and limited access to health facilities

Health workers are opening China's Sinopharm vaccine storage box at Seychelles Hospital in January. Photo: AFP.

It is clear that most approved vaccines help reduce the risk of severe illness and death for Covid-19 and this is also the main goal of the vaccine.

Helen Petousis-Harris, the vaccination house at Auckland University, said this is the first step for most countries that have not accessed the Vaccine mRNA.

Experts say that there are still unknown things about the effectiveness of the vaccine, when some full vaccinations are still infected, whether using Vaccine MRNA.

Petousis-Harris said the world eventually needs to develop new vaccines or upgrade the current Vaccine version to beat pandemic.

"We have some kind of super vaccine unexpectedly. We have learned a lot of things, so think about what the next few types will be," she said.