Republican Senator Romney said holding the trial of former President Trump after he left office is completely constitutional.

"Of course I will hear all the arguments made by the lawyers to each side. However, I think this is clearly a constitutional effort," Republican Senator Mitt Romney said on January 24,


Senator Mitt Romney in the Utah House of Representatives in February 2020 Photo: The Salt Lake Tribune.

The Utah senator added that he has reviewed many articles on the law, which show that "the majority of legal opinions are that conducting an impeachment trial after someone has left office is

"I believe the allegations are being made and the things we've seen, the act of inciting violence clearly deserve impeachment," said Romney, referring to the US House of Representatives adopting the impeachment clause.

Comment by Romney, the only Republican senator to ever vote to agree to impeach Trump in the first impeachment trial, comes the day before the House of Representatives submits the impeachment clause to the Senate on 25th.

Several Republican senators, including Tom Cotton, Joni Ernst and Roger Marshall, have previously declared impeaching Trump in the Senate after the former president left office as unconstitutional.

However, according to a report by the US Congressional Research Service on January 15, most scholars have concluded that Congress has the authority to impeach an impeachment and convict a former president.

"There is nothing in the Constitution that prevents any federal official from being adjudicated," Connecticut State Senator Richard Blumenthal said in a statement.

The impeachment clause accusing Trump of "inciting riot" focused on the former US president's speech in front of thousands of supporters before the riots in the parliament building on Jan. 6.

Sources said that Trump decided to hire lawyer Butch Bowers, who successfully defended many officials, to represent the former president in the impeachment trial in the US Senate.

If found guilty, the former US president could face a ban on running in the future.