Two mainland Chinese naval vessels operate near the Lan Islands while Defense Taiwan conducts missiles.

Trung Son Institute of Science and Technology of Taiwan Defense forces organized two missile tests at Rescue Base, Binh Dong District, on September 7, and April 13-16.



When the trial was about to begin, two Chinese military vessels appeared in the region, of which a ship operated by the southwestern coast of Lan Lan is about 66 km at 5:00 on April 8 (4 hours in Hanoi)

A Chinese naval destroying destroying in the sea is about 130 km from the east coast of Lan Lan, moving north before disappearing from the radar of the Taiwan's defense, the source said.

Taiwan's air defense missiles left the launchers in a test.

Major General History of Thuan Van, spokesman for Taiwan defense agencies, did not give details and activities of Chinese battleships in the region.

A former expert of Trung Son Institute of Science and Technology said that Defense Taiwan could fire Thunderbolt-2000 long-range jet cannons during the 7-9 / 4 test, then launch the air defense missile test


Photo: CSIS

The weapon test of Taiwan defense took place in the context of China's Liaoning aircraft carrier combat team organized rehearsal in the eastern island.

Experts say this is a rehearsal execution of China's intention to "tighten pincer" to encircle Taiwan island from two directions, and then signal warning to the island and the US.

Taiwan Defense Force Area celebrates missiles and jet firecrackers (yellow).

China always considers Taiwan a consistent province, even by force if necessary.

Leaders of Taiwan Foreign Affairs Corn Next Speaking in the 7/4 press conference warning China mainland risk launched a attack aimed at the island.