Japan is standing in front of the pressure to be tougher to China to avoid losing the American Allies but cannot "be angry" Beijing too much.

China and Japan have had many years of experience in managing their diplomatic crises but recently escalated tensions related to Taiwan and territorial disputes on the South China Sea are creating


Photo: Reuters.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at the LDP party headquarters in Tokyo capital in September last year.

The fact that China and Japan defense in the last month determined China was a general threat as well as a meeting between US and Chinese high-level diplomats in Alaska, showing an increase in stress between the US and China.

"Just Japan agreed with the US to identify China is a common threat in 2 + 2 dialogues as an unusual move," Andrei Chang, Editor-in-Chief of Kanwa Defense Review Defense, headquartered

Japan has long been limited to comment on Taiwan, instead, they often "encourage dialogue to find a peaceful solution for stress through the strait."

But in a general statement on March 17, US and Japanese defense leaders agreed to cooperate closely in the event of a military conflict broke out in the Taiwan Strait.

Japanese news agency Kyodo reported that Tokyo was considering the plan to mobilize the defense force (SDF) to protect American vessels and aircraft if the crisis between mainland China and Taiwan Island outbreaks with the reason that one

China always considers Taiwan a part of the territory waiting for uniform and ready to use force if necessary.

With the above statement, Japan is the first member of the quartet groups that are willing to cooperate with the United States dealing with potential emergency situations in the Taiwan Strait.

As a result, this move has increased the confrontation between the Chinese troops (PLA) and the Japanese Bien Defense Force (MSDF) near the Senkaku Islands, or Diaoyu in the way of calling China, where Tokyo and

However, Cheung hopes, Associate Professor at the International Freedom School of Waseda, Japan, said that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will not let SDF participate in any conflict with PLA.

"The biggest contribution of SDF can be logistical support for US partners as committed in the 1997 modified defense cooperation guidelines," he said.

Diplomatic relations between Beijing and Tokyo fell to the lowest level under the time of the former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, when a Chinese fishing vessel and two patrol ships belonging to the Last League of Civil Weeks collided near the Eastful Flower Sea

But cracks appeared again, starting with Japan to lead the general statement from the G7 Foreign Minister last June, condemning Chinese actions for democratic supporters in Hong Kong

Chinese images in the eyes of Japanese people were heavily influenced by Covid-19 pandemic.

"Japan had suffered a heavy blow for Covid-19, not only because the Olympics was delayed but also because of the hope of recovering the economy," he said.

In the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the busy national security advisor Jake Sullivan busy restoring old unions in the region, Ni Lexong Ni Lexong expert in Shanghai said that this trend will underminely affects

"Cooperating with the United States to fight a rise China will help Japan to speed up the military normalization process through upgrading the ability to attack under the assistance from American allies," Ni comment.

In 2019, Japanese cabinet adopted a $ 240 billion weapons shopping plan for 5 years in order to enhance missile defense and do not click on average power and in the growing marine

A report from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in March said the importer of Japanese weapons increased by 124% in the last 5 years.

According to Professor Cheung from Waseda University, Japan was always afraid of being abandoned by America since US President Richard Nixon visited China in 1972 without informing Tokyo.

This has caused Japan to learn how to deal with awkward situations when standing between the world's most powerful country and his giant neighbors.

In order to improve relations with Beijing, Cheung evaluates Prime Minister Suga will continue the risk insurance policy of the ABE predecessor to avoid "abandoned" by the US but at the same time do not "be caught up in" a pulse

"About defense, Japan must rely on the US by their alliances but economically, Tokyo tends to depend more on China," Cheung commented.

China has entered 141.6 billion USD of Japanese goods in 2020, replacing the United States to become the country's largest export customer.

"There are signs that the current medium-Japanese relationship will be soothed. If Beijing and Tokyo can manage territorial disputes reasonably, stress will be reduced by the LDP party.

However, how to appease the negative attitude of Japanese people to China because the Pandemic Covid-19 is another difficult question to leaders of both countries.

When the International Olympic Commission announces the decision to accept the offer of China's Covid-19 vaccine for those who attend the summer and winter Olympics, Japan immediately responded with a word

Instead, Japan joined the three remaining members in the quartet groups of America, India and Australia to promote the promise to provide a billion dose of Covid-19 vaccine across Asia at the end of 2022 to fight against