Russian officials said the country would immediately respond to extremely serious consequences if Ukraine used Himars and Western artillery to raid territories.

We pay special attention to the Western providing long -range artillery and Himars jet, not only threatening the Donbass region but also Russia.


Photo: Reuters

If the Ukrainian armed forces use US jet or other long -range weapons of NATO to attack Russian territory, the consequences will be extremely serious, Gavrilov warned.

Ukraine's Himars complex on a route in Zaporizhzhia province in the photo published on July 4.

Mr. Gavrilov issued a warning after Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said on July 26 that the US and allies praised the way the Eastern European National Army used the long -range artillery systems that the West transferred, including the West.

Russia announced the destruction of several Himars complexes, but US officials said that Russia had not done this.

Himars is a hypotension on a series of self -propelled tire chassis, developed from M270 combination.

Himars helped the Ukrainian army be able to attack deeper into the Russian route.


Photo: B?m ?? xem chi ti?t.

However, US military and government officials say one of their top concerns when Ukraine aid is the risk of provoking a direct conflict between NATO and Russia.

Russia repeatedly emphasized the Western arms pumping to Ukraine will only extend the conflict, and declare to target these weapons when they reach Ukraine.

The Ukrainian jet artillery model is considered a 'treasure'.

Ukraine said Himars firecrackers helped change the game with Russia, but Washington was carefully transferred because of concerns that incited conflicts directly with Moscow.

The Ukrainian army announced the use of Himars to stimulate Antonovsky Bridge, but the Russian provincial official appointed the Russian work confirmed that the project was still standing.