US President Joe Biden said he believed that his counterpart Vladimir Putin had a mistake of the Russian army's ability in Ukraine.

I think he is a rational person, but has calculated a large mistake, President Biden talked about his Russian counterpart in an interview with CNN on October 11.


Photo: AFP

In a comment made by CNN before the broadcast of this interview, Mr. Biden said that despite believing that his Russian counterpart was rational, Putin underestimated drastic reactions from Ukraine.

I think he believes that he will be welcomed with an open arms, that this is Russia's hometown, but it is the wrong calculation, Biden said.

US President Joe Biden during the Meeting of Hunger in Washington on September 28.

Mr. Biden last week warned that the world was at risk of the end of the world when commenting on the dangers from the threats of the use of nuclear weapons of the Russian leader, in the context of the country's force continuously witnessed continuously.

The US President's interview took place a few hours after Mr. Biden met G7 group members and listened to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensksy about Ukraine's need to consolidate the shield in the air, among a series of warnings about the guys.

The US on October 10 pledged to move the air defense system to Ukraine, while Germany promised to support Ukraine Iris-T air defense system.

We believe that the neutral time has passed for a long time.

Russia - Ukraine conflicts have escalated in recent weeks after a series of tense moves, as Moscow announced the merger of four areas in Ukraine, Mr. Putin issued an order to encourage 300,000 troops and Kerch bridge on the Crimea peninsula.

President Putin warned that the country would have a very fierce reaction and the corresponding scale of threats against Russia.

The massive ambushes of many cities across Ukraine, President Putin seemed to want to strongly respond to criticism and panic.

After Russia rained missiles to Ukraine, the question of what to do to the West was to do to increase support for Kiev to deal with Moscow's escalation.