He responded to Covid-19 with a large-scale vaccine campaign, but the NCOV transformation from India was at risk of destroying everything.

The Government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not agree on the ban on immigration with people from India from the beginning, although the number of NCOV transformations B.1.617 soared in the country.


Photo: Reuters.

Each of Covid-19 engulfed with the highest number of deaths in Europe, he quickly bet on the vaccine to escape the pandemic.

In the past half year, he has given more than 59.2 million doses of Vaccine Covid-19, afford to protect over 44.3% of the country's population.

But this week, British officials confirmed the strains B.1.617 spread in 86 regions of the country, including regions in Northwest Britain and Glasgow, Scotland's largest city.

Germany last weekend announced it would apply new limitations to him.

"We need to respond faster. Unable to wait until certainly confirming the disease in the UK or a new external location," Paul Hunter, medical expert at East Anglia University, received

Covid-19 patients were taken to Royal London Hospital, on January 10.

Commercial calculations may have delayed the decision to close the Government of the British government.

Lister prepared agreements will be signed when Johnson plans to visit India in April 4. The British Prime Minister expects the first trip in the "post-brexit" era to open a new chapter for policy

Diplomats and assistants persuaded Johnson to keep the trade negotiation plan with India, despite the concerns of epidemiology from the government scientific advisory team.

In early April, the British Government Covid-19 specialized committee brought Pakistan and Bangladesh "Red List" to limit entry because of the risk of epidemics.


Photo: Qu?c h?i Anh.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the National Assembly session on May 19.

Lack of information is not the only reason he gave to not bring India into "Red List".

After a month of monitoring the situation, on April 14, the British Prime Minister informed the Indian trip took a scale of 4 days a day.

He brought India to the list of prohibited on April 19, but the order was postponed for 4 days and to the morning of April 23 that began to take effect.

"It is recommended to India to be included in the Red List from the beginning", Expert Hunter shared, and evaluates the slow to close the margin with a 4-day extension decision for people from India pouring into his love

Closing the delayed edge made him pay if B.1.617 gradually turned into the main strain in this country.

In recent years, the British government is still struggling to loosen it and then tighten the command of social ways to respond to community infection.

According to Mark Woolhouse, expert in infectious diseases at Edinburgh University, the risk of B.1.351, NCOV strains from South Africa, intrusion and spread in the UK will worry more than the outbreak of strains from India

Mutations in B.1.351 can disable some effects from vaccines.

"The current situation has been in anticipation. In about 6 months, I'm sure we will talk about a new strain," Woolhouse warned.