President Purin claimed that Russia did not set the goal of destroying all Ukraine and did not need to add wide area raids to this country.

We do not need extra wide area raids and have other tasks.


Photo: RIA Novosti

Putin made a statement after the Russian army deployed a wide area of rocket, rocket and unmanned aircraft (UAV) aimed at Ukraine's military command and energy infrastructure.

Ukrainian officials acknowledged that 30% of the country's energy infrastructure hit Russian missiles, causing Kiev to suspend electricity exports and urge people to save energy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference in Astana, Kazakhstan on October 14.

Putin also accused Ukraine from blocking the water of the Crimea peninsula, where 2.4 million people live.

President Putin claims that Russia is doing everything right in Ukraine.

Ukraine has not commented on the statements of the Russian President.

Russian leaders also acknowledged the concerns of allies of the independent community (SNG) around the conflict in Ukraine, as well as the future of the relationship between Moscow and Kiev.


Photo: WP

Russian position raid missiles on October 10.

When asked about the possibility of meeting with US President Joe Biden on the sidelines of the G20 summit, it is expected to take place in November, President Putin said that we should ask if he is ready for the talk like the meeting like

The Russian President confirmed that there was no plan to expand the command of a partially issued on September 21, aiming to mobilize 300,000 soldiers.

I have not yet received any proposal from the Ministry of Defense and found that there was no additional need in the near future, President Putin said and said that 220,000 people were in the army.

Russia continuously ambushed Ukraine with long -range missiles to retaliate against the Crimea bridge, but could cause exhausted reserves, while Kiev increased air defense power.

The massive ambushes of many cities across Ukraine, President Putin seemed to want to strongly respond to criticism and panic.