The declaration of expanding the target in war shows that Russia wants to control the maximum of Ukraine, and at the same time create a premise to merge these areas.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on July 20 announced the expansion of special military campaigns in Ukraine, beyond the boundaries of Donetsk and Lugansk provinces in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine.


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He affirmed that Moscow remained the original basic goals, including Naziization and Ukrainian demilitarization, which was stated in the message of launching the campaign in February.

However, Lavrov said that the battlefield of the geographical battlefield has completely changed, with the appearance of new strategic geographical elements such as Kherson, Zaporizhia and many other areas controlled by the Russian army.


Although Russia from March has declared a goal of liberating Donbass, the area consisting of two provinces of Lugansk and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, intelligence and military research in Western military over the past few months said that Russia has always proposed great ambitions.

Russia from the beginning has set the maximum control of territory in the battlefield of Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, July 5.

Lavrov explained that Russia expanded its targets in Ukraine because Western countries are seeking to incite the situation and continue to pour into Ukraine Modern mid -range weapons, typically Himars junction artillery.

However, the Canadian military officials pointed out that Russian forces have controlled many southern Ukrainian areas since the end of February, before the West began to aid heavy weapons for Kiev.

Analysts also said that the declaration of expanding Mr. Lavrov's goal is an effort to create a premise for Russia to merge control of the territories in the east and southern Ukraine.

Russian political analyst Tatiana Stanovaya, founder of R. Politik analysis group, said that Russia would promote the referendums in Kherson, Zaporizhia and many other areas to merge the territory, similar to these these, similar

Russian officials have also publicly supported this idea.

We have the experience of what we need to do in the liberated territory, Razvozhayev wrote on the telegram, adding that his officials have also worked for months in Lugansk.


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The West in the past 8 years did not recognize Crimea as part of Russia, although Moscow confirmed the merger decision in 2014 based on the legitimate aspirations and legal votes of the people of the peninsula.

However, analysts say that Russia will face many challenges in the process of expanding its targets in Ukraine, especially with the current battlefield.

The Ukrainian battlefield situation after nearly 5 months of fighting.

After capturing Lugansk province, Russia's attack was slowly, even falling into a situation of spreading resources like what happened in the early stages of war.

While Russia has not decided to allocate resources for the attacking campaign on the Donbass Front, or dispatch the troops to return to the defense on the southern front, ISW think that Moscow will have a lot of difficulties in strengthening the power.

Moscow has not issued a general command to quickly increase the number, although President Putin this month has signed a special decree that allows mobilizing all economic sectors to support forces on duty against terrorism and resability

Richard D. Hooker, senior expert of the Scowcroft Strategy and Security Center of the Atlantic Council, said that the intention to merge southern Ukrainian territories will be a gambling guard with Russian leadership.

After 5 months of fighting, Russia has completed military control of the entire Lugansk province, half of Donetsk province and the two provinces of Kherson and Zaporizhia of Ukraine, but maintaining territorial management in the long run is another story, special, especially

Once Russia merged with the territory, the Kremlin will face higher political losses in each Ukraine's counterattack.

We would like to remind President Putin that time will prove that Russia cannot keep these territories forever.

President Zelensky bet political life in an effort to defeat Russia on the battlefield, but will face many challenges when the war lasts.

Ukraine is building a big army to counterattack Russian forces, but analysts think that patience is the key to help them reverse the situation.