The poor capacity of the counter -radar is the main reason that Russia cannot detect the Himars in time to fire to deal with the deal.

The Russian forces in recent months have suffered a lot of damage from the exact ambushes of the M142 M142 high mobile jet artillery complex (Himars) that the US transferred to Ukraine.

In theory, with its powerful rocket and rocket warehouse, Russia can completely use counter -radar systems to track the route of Himars, thereby launching destroying attacks.

The Russian defense news site Avia once stated that the Himars complex had a secret feature that made Russian artillery unable to target to retaliate every time they fired.

According to Avia, the United States has designed the Himars system so that Rocket can change the trajectory after leaving the launch pad and deceive the counter -shameless radar complexes.

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In the video, Rocket changed the flight almost immediately after launching, the article on Avia has a paragraph.

According to this page, this is the difference between US systems compared to conventional jets, which have Rocket flying in a fixed trajectory.

Avia's judgment has caused a lot of controversy among military experts.

Western experts believe that Avia's judgment is a way to explain Russia's poor counterpart when dealing with Himars.

The counterattack is to use the radar to monitor the flight route of the bullet, thereby determining the opponent's fire position to use overwhelming fire to destroy.

Samuel Cranny-Evans, an expert of the British Research Research Institute, said that the counter-radar should detect bullets when it has just been launched to predict trajectory and flight route, then calculate the starting point.

Therefore, if the radar does not detect the bullet that is fired outside its operation, the system cannot provide the target coordinates, Cranny-Evans said.


Photo: Reuters

Russia is using Zoopark-1 counter-counter radar, capable of detecting rocket within a radius of 14-20 km, but the Himars complex can hit the target 80 km from the fire position.

The US Himars artillery feature transferred to Ukraine.

Radar counterattack could not detect Himars launching Rocket unless it was scanned in the right place and at the right time, Cranny-Evans said.

Even when the bullet is detected, the counter -shot radar can only provide close fire positions.

With self -propelled artillery such as Himars, the crew often uses the shooting and running tactics, firing a series of bullets for a few minutes and then starting the engine, leaving the battlefield at a maximum speed of 85 km/h.

This shooting and running tactic requires the Russian counterfeit unit to be ready to fire within a few minutes after discovering the opponent's bullets are flying.

The process of determining the goals of the Russian forces is quite slow, often does not respond to the goal of moving or rapid changes, Cranny-Evans said.

Himars Ukraine launchers deployed in the South in the photo published on July 4.

Russia has not commented on Western experts' evaluation.

Himars is a hypotension on a series of self -propelled tire chassis, developed from M270 combination.

Although Russia repeatedly declared to destroy a number of Himars complexes in Ukraine, US officials said that Russia has not done this.

Ukrainian officials transferred the target list to the United States to propose the transfer of the ATACMS missile of the Himars jet with a range of 300 km.

The United States announced the supply of 18 Himars launchers to Ukraine, the lift of Kiev's launch vehicles to 34, but the handover process could take many years.