Russian officials said the Crimea bridge was bombed, but some experts believe that the bridge could be ambushed by unmanned equipment.

The explosion on the Kerch bridge connecting the Krasnodar region in southwestern Russia with Crimea peninsula on the morning of October 8 made many people stunned with its scale, many experts wonder who is behind and how to proceed.


Photo: Reuters

Russian officials then quickly made their comments that a bomb -containing truck was activated on the bridge, causing two bridge spans to collapse and the fire spread to the train running, causing 7 cars to carry fuel loading.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that this was a terrorist action because the Ukrainian task force, executed and carried out to destroy Russia's extremely important civilian infrastructure.

The rapid spread of the hypothesis of a bomb car in Russia also made Western experts skeptical and pointed out some of its unreasonable points.

The hypothesis bomb was raised after Russian officials published a video from surveillance cameras showing that the explosion seemed to flare up from a white truck running on the bridge.

Russian investigators said that at least three people were killed in the explosion, but it was unclear whether they were participants in the attack or innocent passersby.

I have witnessed a lot of large car bombs in my career, an expert on explosives that used to serve in the British army told the BBC.

According to military experts, the shocking wave from the car bomb when detonated tends to form a cone -shaped upward, instead of focusing on explosion.

Bridges are often designed to withstand very well with pressure from top to bottom, as well as against the horizontal wind, the British military expert said.

Serhiy Kuzan, adviser of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, nor did he agree with the hypothesis of a car bomb.

The British expert pointed out another scenario, Crimea Bridge was driven by a unmanned vehicle from below.

It could be an explosion controlled by a remote control through the detonator when passing below the bridge, Osint Amateur, a team of investigators and predictions on Twitter.

The image of a unmanned diving device drifted to the Crimea coast, shared on social networks earlier this year, reinforcing that Ukraine could carry out this type of attack.

Crimea Bridge after the explosion on October 8.

Many military experts also believe that the bridge may be raided by missiles, although this possibility is unlikely.

But the two Neptune anti -ship missiles that Ukraine developed spontaneously and were used to attack the Russian Black Sea Fleet in April, showing that Kiev could completely use this attack effect against Russia against Russia.

These surprisingly accurate attacks show that the West may be providing technical support to improve Ukraine's weapons, according to analysts.

When asked what happened on the Crimea Bridge, a Western official said, check the weather to see it is cloudy, thunder or rain, which observers think that to refer to Grim2, the type of rocket of

Grim and the previous Grom missile in Ukraine mean thunder.

NR Jenzen-Jones, an expert in weapons and ammunition at the weapons research organization, said that it was too early to confirm the cause of the explosion based on the published information.

Viktor Andrusiv, former Kiev Ministry of Home Affairs, said that the task force he had participated in owning many missiles, unmanned flying vehicles, diving equipment, stealth ships and truck bombs.

However, the missiles that Ukraine have no long range with such accuracy, while other options need specialized weapons they don't have.

A Western adviser said that Ukrainian intelligence force may have combined NATO -style battle activities with Mossad intelligence secret activities of Israel.

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The Kerch strait bridge was started in 2015, after Russia merged the Crimea peninsula, and completed in 2018. The bridge worth billions of dollars connecting the Crimea peninsula with the Krasnodar region in southwest of Russia.

Jenzen-Jones expert said that the signal was sent through the Crimea Bridge attack stronger than the logistics challenges that Russia faced after the attack, because the fact that the bridge was only damaged one of two lanes.

If the damage to the Kerch bridge is really caused by Ukraine's attack, it will represent a more propaganda victory rather than military results, he said.

Andriy Zagorodnyuk, former Ukrainian Defense Minister and is currently an adviser of the President Zelensky government, agree with this statement.

It destroyed beliefs in the Russian army, the Russian government and the Russians in general when they were not able to protect the controlled territorial region.