President Biden called on Putin not to consider the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, warning about serious consequences if that happened.

Do not!


Photo: AFP.

Biden said the script of President Vladimir Putin turned the green light using these weapons that would push Russia into a more isolated situation.

Tactical nuclear weapons are low -destructive nuclear weapons designed for use on the battlefield.

President Biden at a meeting at the White House on September 2.

A few days after Russia opened a military campaign in Ukraine, President Putin on February 28 announced that he placed strategic nuclear forces in a high alarm state.

Russia possesses the largest nuclear arsenal in the world with about 6,000 nuclear warheads and huge continental ballistic missiles (ICBM).

Dmitry Medvedev, Vice Chairman of the Federal Security Council, at the end of March raised 4 cases that allows the military to use nuclear weapons, including: Russia is attacked by nuclear missiles, Russia and its allies


Photo: AFP

The number of nuclear weapons of countries around the world.

The Ukrainian army recently opened a quick counterattack in Kharkov province, the Northeast of the country, declaring a re -control of 6,000 km2 of territory since the beginning of September.

The US -based war -based war assesses that Ukraine turns the situation in the direction of their benefits, but the current counterattack cannot end the battle.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on September 16, the battlefield was basically unchanged and the military did not want to act in a hurry.

After Ukraine's counterattack in Kharkov, Russia could mobilize forces to respond, or increase missile ambushes and put diplomatic pressure.

After a quick counterattack, Ukraine may prioritize the Kharkov defense, or take great risks to further move into the Donbass region.