US officials are disappointed because sanctions have not been effective with Russia and the most serious impact may have to wait until the beginning of the next year.

When applying a series of unprecedented sanctions with Russia, the US and its allies hope they will quickly cause serious impacts, making the Kremlin unable to maintain the military campaign in Ukraine and even make it residual.


Photo: Reuters

But the Russian economy has shown much better resistance to what the President Joe Biden government official hopes.

During the first 100 days of the war, Moscow had earned $ 93 billion thanks to the export of oil, gas and coal, according to the Center for Finnish Energy Research and Finnish air.

A gas pumping station near the Ukrainian - Polish border in 2009. Photo: Reuters.

The Russian economy fell by about 4% in the period from April to June compared to the same period last year.

We have expected things like Swift and sanctions for the banking industry to completely destroy the Russian economy.

Another senior official said that many people in the administration of President Joe Biden once hoped that the Russian economy had suffered more losses than the present, due to unprecedented harsh sanctions.

Although sanctions have brought initial shocks with Russia such as Ruble plummeting, US government officials acknowledged that Moscow's economy was capable of recovering quickly thanks to revenue from energy exports.

Natasha Bertrand and Katie Bo Lillis, two analysts of CNN, commented on the actual effect of other sanctions other than the expected of the US and the West underestimate Russia, especially the record high revenue that the record high that

Despite being one of the world's largest oil manufacturers, Saudi Arab has also bought Russian crude oil at a discount price for use in power plants, while selling their crude oil to other countries.

The United States underestimate that and we are slow to think about implementing measures to prevent Russian profits from energy exports, Jason Blazakis, expert on sanctions and work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I think the United States believes that sanctions will hurt the Russian economy very quickly.

When Russia launched a military campaign in Ukraine in late February, Europe's dependence on oil and gas gas made the West hesitated to impose immediate sanctions on the country's energy field.

We warned Europe many years ago about the need to give up Russian energy, but they were not ready to do it until it was too late, a senior US official said.

The West accused Russia of energy weapons, when closing the Nord Stream gas pipeline 1. Europe is facing the risk of serious recession as a result of the energy crisis.

In order to prevent Moscow's revenue, the European Union agreed to prohibit the import of crude oil from Russia through the sea.

The EU agreed to apply the bare price earlier this month, but it was unclear how the measure was implemented.

Despite the frustration of the rapid effectiveness of the series of sanctions, US and European officials all think that the benefits that high oil prices bring to the Russian economy are not sustainable in the middle and long term.

Some optimistic that Russian economic recession may start by the end of this year.

We always think that the Russian economy will catch the initial shocks, then Moscow will seek to minimize the impact, but the barriers to the Russian economy and industrial production are appearing more and more,

The official added that the oil ceiling price is an effective way to solve an aspect that Russia has received too many benefits.

There is an opinion that sanctions failed because they were gaining money from oil, a President Biden government official said.

European officials agree with this statement.

US officials predict Russian oil production will decrease over time, largely due to foreign divestment.

Russia can turn to China to seek economic support.

Although China increased its purchase of oil and voiced his support in Russia in the international arena, Beijing has not done anything to help Moscow dodge sanctions from the West.

The pipeline system from Russia to China cannot transport all the gas cutting gas in the European market, so it is difficult to compensate for the damage that Moscow suffers from sanctions.

There will be long -term damage to the Russian economy, CIA Director Bill Burns spoke at a cyber security conference last week, referring to the effectiveness of sanctions.